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Here you’ll find a high quality, sleep hypnosis downloads.

How much better will your day be, waking up, feeling refreshed after a full nights sleep? This Sleep Hypnotherapy Programme will deliver just that.

Do you remember waking up and feeling like you could do anything? What it’s like to feel happy when you wake up?

Are you sick of lying in bed, trying to nod off only to feel more and more frustrated?

The programme really helped me to relax and unwind better, which led to a much better night’s sleep, which I have struggled with up until now. Going forward, the programme has helped me with breaking bad sleep habits, and I think that has been one of my main barriers to a good night’s sleep. I will keep using the information and knowledge gained from this and hopefully continue improving my sleep! ~ Helena, London

Tiredness is debilitating! We can help.

Imagine how much more you could achieve in your life if you were able to sleep easily and naturally.

What would you do to feel rejuvenated, awake, aware and in full control of your faculties?

“Chloe’s relaxation recordings have helped me fall asleep, get ready for a big day ahead or just find a little extra peace. My 14 year old sister who lives on the other side of the earth from Chloe is also hooked on the recordings.” Tegan B, London

There is a solution.

We’ve developed a programme which is designed to help you to sleep better. It addresses the various parts of why it’s hard sometimes to go to sleep. Importantly it also gives you the tools to help you get a decent nights sleep.

Chloe has been wonderful in my pursuit to help me to overcome anxiety and sleep issues.  I was able to put my work / home life worries to one side and to switch off. I would recommend Chloe to anyone looking to make a change in their life. Laura Stageman, London.

The ‘Help Me Sleep’ programme gives you an amazingly simple technique that will help you sleep better almost straight away. You will learn to recognise the crucial mistakes that that stop you from sleeping easily and help your subconscious to help you to sleep easily rather than constantly hindering you.

sleep hypnosis

This effective programme uses 7 powerful hypnotherapy recordings to help you to tune in to the part of you that knows just how to sleep quickly and easily. Relaxation, suggestion and visualisation techniques work together to prime your mind for easy, natural sleep.


If you find it harder to sleep, the harder you try to sleep – this is for you. Here, a series of powerful eyes closed recordings utilize relaxation techniques, suggestion and imagery to prepare your mind for easy restful sleep. It is a completely natural, effortless approach. We’re so confident it will help you, we’re offering you your money back if it doesn’t.

I found myself struggling with some anxiety and inability to sleep, so I searched online for something to help me relax/sleep. First, I fell in love with your voice…could listen to you all day.  Then, I fell in love with your message and the encouraging way you have about you.  So….I listened and relaxed and slept and felt more at peace with my decision….confident that it would all turn out okay. ~ Mellisa Crump, USA

Get all 7 powerful, eyes closed relaxation recordings for only $37.99reduced from $69.99 for a limited time only. This is an introductory offer and will not last. PLUS –  If you’re not sleeping better after listening to the recordings, we’ll give you your money back.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and so much sleep to gain.

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You know you want to sleep, you know you should be able to switch off the constant chatter in your brain and be able to sleep easily. But something, at a deeper level, is stopping you.

The ‘Help Me Sleep’ programme will help you to regain control over your mind, and those endless thoughts before bed.

Is stress keeping you awake? This programme addresses stress and helps you to feel more relaxed during the day, and at bed time.


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