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Does Arrogance cause Sleeping Problems

Are we arrogant about our need for sleep? Do we underestimate the need for a full 8 hours sleep? Going against our natural sleep rhythm could be causing sleeping problems.

Scientists have said recently that the fact that we override our body clocks in favour of, say, staying up late to work, or watch TV means that we are putting our minds and bodies at risk. Does arrogance cause sleeping problems?

They suggest that by staying up late we are cheating evolution and doing something which is against our evolutionary nature. We think we can get away with it, but it looks like we can’t.

On tops of the fact that we choose to stay up later, we are also using more electrical devices late and night. The blue light emitted suppresses melatonin in the brain, making it even harder to sleep.

I know that in my sleep clinic, many clients say that part of them resent having to sleep, since they would rather be up doing other things. This may even be the case for some of us subconsciously, since we may feel under pressure to ‘do more’, achieve more and work harder. This can lead us to either consciously or unconsciously allow sleep to slip down in our list of priorities.

To help combat thing, try to be strict with yourself and set a firm bedtime. Ten thirty or 11pm is usually a good time if you are waking at 6:30am or 7am. Most of us need between 7.5-8 hours sleep. Remember all the benefits of getting a good nights sleep such as how much better you’ll feel in the day, and use that to fuel your desire to have an early night.

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